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Valentina La Mere

When Valentina La Mere first cast eyes on the large green egg, she knew she was going to perch on it until her little miracle happened.  Valentina didn't seem to notice that she was having difficulties nesting on it.  She didn't notice that the egg had no nest in which it was sitting.  

The only thing Valentina knew was that her mothering instinct told her that this was her opportunity to become a mom of someone who seemed to have been lost to its own mom.  So began Valentina's stint on trying to perch herself on the egg.  Each subtle move caused Valentina to almost fall off. 

Before long, Valentina was making faces and looking  angry and dangerous.  If Valentina had a mirror, she would have giggled at how angry and protective she looked instead of the clumbsy self she felt she was.  Either option didn't really matter.  Valentina had a kind heart and the egg was actually an art installation from a child artist who liked to have nature use her art.

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