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Juan Der Ng


Juan Der Ng was always singing.  When he was a young hatchling, his songs were fun and made the other hatchllings in his nest laugh.  Juan's songs were made up chirps of gibberish that he felt made him sound like other species of birds who's languages he did not understand. 

Juan's love of song was so intense that he didn't make a point to learn to fly.  Instead, his siblilngs would fly by and drop off food for him. They would sit nearby and listen to his songs, always in awe of just how much soul Juan put into his songs. They also started noticing that other species of birds were starting to sit in nearby branches to listen and add harmony.

Before long, Juan Der Ng (who had never wandered from his hatch nest), had become the Luciano Pavarotti of the bird neighbourhood.  Juan knew how lucky he was to have always had the support of his family and the admiration of all the other birds in the area.

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