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Earnest Da Chicken

Earnest Da Chicken was born to be different from all the other chicks.  Earnest was born without wings.  Earnest was shy and timid because of this and all the teasing from the other chicks and the chickens. He knew that he would never treat any one the way he was treated.


Earnest tried hard to not let the teasing about not having wings get to him. He tried hard to fit in with the other birds, but this never worked.  At the same time, Earnest's mom worked hard to help Earnest believe in himself.  Whenever Earnest tried something new, his mom was his biggest cheerleader.


Earnest started taking a liking to colourful things he found around the yard. He would have his mom help him place all the colourful items into his feathers.  Earnest started liking how he looked.  He knew that this bright colourful appearance drew more attention to him, but he stopped caring.  Earnest realised that he had grown into himself and that he liked the chicken he turned out to be.  He was one of a kind and that was just fine. He wished everyone could feel the same way.  The world would be a better place for it.

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